Our Policies

Health and Safety


Health and Safety PolicyAulsteel operates on a health and safety policy that is in full compliance with international standards, providing adequate protection for the investments of our client’s right from the design stage. We adopt and operate on environment-friendly procedures and with absolute respect for local laws.

Aulsteel core values embraces labour laws and human rights in general. Aulsteel believe there are always two clients on every project: the sponsor/owner of the project and our workers working on the project; and both are always treated with due respect. 

Responsible Business


Responsible business

Doing business in a responsible way that adheres to the highest safety and environmental standards in the industry is an important element in delivering the company’s Vision. We have developed policies that enable us do business in a responsible manner. The Policy will become an integral part of our business processes. It will drive for transparency, adherence to laws, regulations, minimum standards and continuous improvement. It will ensure that Aulsteel Investment Ltd does business in a responsible way.

Our sustainability policy principles are to:
1. Conduct our business with responsibility, integrity and respect, maintaining high ethical standards;
2. Provide a safe, healthy and fair workplace;
3. Generate economic value through enhancing what we offer to our customers;
4. Respect the environment, working with our customers and our suppliers to improve the environmental profile of our products over their full life cycle;
5. Make a positive impact on the communities where we operate.

We recognize that to have the maximum benefit we must seek to apply these principles throughout our supply-chains.